Granada’s diverse landscape and climate means you can ski on the snowy mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the morning and sunbathe on the Costa Tropical in the afternoon.

Why move to Granada?

This romantic province is alive with history and culture: Moorish palaces sit alongside Renaissance castles; nomadic gitanos live in mountain caves while city folk sip herbal infusions in exotic teterías.


It is said that Granada derives its name from the word ‘pomegranate’. This jewel-filled fruit sits proudly in the centre of the capital’s coat of arms. Like much of Moorish Spain, the pomegranate finds its origins in the Arab world and is a poignant symbol of the cultural fusion that typifies the province. Much like a pomegranate, it is densely packed with historical and cultural gems, such as the magnificent Moorish Alhambra in Granada city, the rugged and imposing Alcazaba de las Siete Torres in Orce, or the beautiful renaissance Castillo de La Calahorra in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Perhaps the ancient architects were inspired to build such imposing structures to maintain harmony with the grandeur and breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape. The snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains provide a dramatic horizon to much of the province, and are home to Europe’s most southerly ski resort. You can also visit the Sierra Nevada National Park, where you will be able to take in the stunning scenery via foot, bike, or even horseback.

If a morning exploring the Sierra Nevada leaves you feeling a bit too chilly, fear not, for in just over an hour, you could be sunbathing on the Costa Tropical. These wide sandy beaches are as beautiful as those on the neighbouring Costa Del Sol but benefit from being far less crowded. The Sierra Nevada backdrop also provides shelter, giving this stretch of coast a beautiful microclimate of mild winters and perfectly warm summers. It’s also a perfect climate for the exotic tropical fruits and flowers which can be found in abundance here, and from which the coastline derives its name.

About an hour away from the coast is the province’s capital, Granada city. Moorish treasures can be found around every corner, with winding alleyways leading to exotic teterías (tea rooms), and opulent Hammams (Arab baths) providing luxurious respite to weary travellers. In the hills above the beautiful Spanish city of Granada lies the Roma cave community of Sacromonte. This bohemian community attracts visitors from all over the world, enticed by the passion of the authentic flamenco performances.

Almunecar is an authentically Spanish town with ancient origins on the Costa Tropical in the province of Granada in Andalusia.
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