Ibiza is a small island located 60 miles off the coast of Spain, part of an archipelago called the Balearic Islands by the English, known as ‘Islas Baleares’ in Spanish.

Why move to Ibiza?

Renowned for its breathtaking sunsets, scenery and balmy climate, Ibiza is not only a music Mecca for international party pilgrims but a serene stamping ground for savvy wayfarers.


In 1976, the year after Spain’s long-ruling dictator Franco died, a young philosopher turned an old aristocratic villa into a discotheque, christening it ‘Amnesia’ and offered the island’s bohemian and artistically minded somewhere to ‘forget’ their troubles. Now considered the birthplace of Balearic house music, Ibiza attracts world-famous entertainers to both DJ and party, as well as over 7 million tourists every summer.

Popular with international jet-setters who swarm to the expensive glass villas, infinity pools, chic beach clubs and fashionable restaurants from their private jets and super yachts, it’s also family friendly and has a growing population of year-round visitors making their homes in the laid back, craggy, pine coated lowlands.

The highlands of the North are less populated but a growing wellness industry has sprung retreats around the rural villages of the valleys. The Denia crossing takes four hours on a ferry. Major European airlines serve the island’s airport year round. Ibiza is well connected with good internet, making it easy for many digital nomads – coined ‘Londz’ – who work between homes in London and Ibiza. There is a big English speaking community so the language barrier can be overcome, although jobs are hard to come by outside of the tourism industry. There is one international school and it’s expensive.

You can hike to the tallest point in Ibiza, called Sa Talaia, in Sant Josep or climb the ramparts of Ibiza Town’s World Heritage listed Dalt Vila. For the adventurous, there’s cliff diving and cave exploring plus hippie markets and yoga on the beach for more relaxed vibes. Visit the mysterious Es Vedra, home to the Phoenician goddess of fertility, one of the settings in Homer’s Odyssey and considered part of the lost city of Atlantis.

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